10 abril, 2020

Navicat Premium 15 full Torrent Download

Navicat Premium 15

Navicat Premium is a PremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd program developed for database management. You can easily connect and work with MySQL, SQLite, Oracle, and other databases, and you can do so at the same time. H. Connect to everyone in one window. If you have to work with different databases, this process is as simple as possible.

License: ShareWare
English language

How to install:
1) Instructions are included if needed.
2) that’s it, enjoy it

Navicat Premium 15

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  1. Navicat Premium 15 Torrent Download

17 abril, 2020

DisplayFusion Pro v9 Download

DisplayFusion Pro v9


With DisplayFusion, dual display (or triple display or more) is smooth and painless. With DisplayFusion, you can add a taskbar to any screen that works and displays the same way as the Windows taskbar. Or use advanced background image support for multiple monitors, Flickr image search integration, and fully customizable keyboard shortcuts to control windows. These are just a few of the many options that DisplayFusion offers.

DisplayFusion makes your life with multiple monitors much easier. With powerful features like multi-monitor taskbars, TitleBar buttons and fully customizable features, DisplayFusion makes it easy to manage multiple monitors. Check out some of the features below to see how DisplayFusion can help you!
Multi-monitor taskbars Keep windows organized simply by adding a taskbar to each screen. The taskbar on each screen can be configured to show all windows or only the windows on that screen. Use button grouping, auto-hide, window previews, shortcuts, the Start button, and more to make it easier to work with your application windows.
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DisplayFusion Pro v9

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  1. DisplayFusion Pro v9 torrent

20 abril, 2020

ScreenHunter Pro v7 Download Free Torrent

ScreenHunter Pro v7

ScreenHunter 7 is an award-winning all-in-one solution, print, editing and video. It is the complete capture solution to save time and increase productivity. Also with automatic browsing of web pages, automatic recording, webcam recording and video screen. It records what you see as an image, even when you record it. It has an easy interface to use. All features are offered in four easy-to-use sections, so everyone from beginner to professional can use ScreenHunter 7. The process is simple, the options are easy to operate and the results are flawless. ScreenHunter is powerful and intelligent and has proven to be an unmatched helper for your business.
Encryption and compression. You can set a password for each backup to prevent unauthorized access. When you create a backup, you specify a leading compression algorithm to compress the image file to take up less disk space.
Image file management and Explorer. Check the integrity of the image file to make sure the backup can be restored. Mount virtual partition image files so you can view the contents of the backup in Windows Explorer.

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https: //

Here’s a handy program that will help you capture your desktop after you process the result in a special image editor, with full news that you can download ScreenHunter. The program writer is very positive about its development, it is understandable, in the end it says on the official website that the program can not only take one window, but of every element of it, maybe someone will like it, ie. I know in general.

ScreenHunter, in addition to the above, can record all text in programs, which is also very useful, but the tool is not unique in nature. This feature should be preferred if the default copy feature refuses to work. You can also connect the scanner to a computer and then transfer the images directly to the program and then, as described above, edit in the built-in editor, which has a normal number of functions, among other things.

Of course, you allow ScreenHunter to take photos of any area, and that area can be any shape you need, with enough imagination. There is also speed dial support; you can’t edit it, but it’s worth investigating. ScreenHunter has a simple look, doesn’t shine with any colors and other pleasures; it’s all pretty boring and boring, but as you know, it’s not the most important thing. The program has no Russian location, it can of course be called minus, glad that there are not as many features and that everyone is clear.

Additional features include the ability to send images via email, support for capturing images of programs running under MS-DOS, in automatic mode, you can adjust the level of transparency, even video recording is available . I wanted to present you such an interesting program, I hope ScreenHunter will be useful to you and replace you with the usual instruments in this field, unless of course it is worthwhile. We do not forget registration, there is a simple serial number that is not difficult to handle.

Developer: isdom Software Inc

License: Shareware

The English language

Size: 130 MB

OS: Windows

How to install:

1). Instructions are included if needed.

2).It’s all done

ScreenHunter Pro v7

Votes good: 34 Votes bad: 2

  1. ScreenHunter Pro v7 download torrent



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